To the women who are getting pregnant their first try.

Rach β€’ Mommy to a 4yo πŸ™ŽπŸΌ... Wifey πŸ’ to her step father. TTC #2 but his first. 2years and counting. Some πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Όbut no live births for us yet.

To the women who are, congratulations. I truly hope you know how lucky and blessed you are. Especially the ones who are saying they only BD once that cycle. I envy you. so much, you literally have no idea. this next month (september) is the 9th month I have been ttc with my hubby. we have been through the ups and downs of ttc. missing or late periods, symptoms of being pregnant and end up with good old AF comes in like a wrecking ball and kills my hopes and dreams. I have watched ex's get their gfs pregnant while drunk and have their babies. I've watched close friends and family get pregnant and watched their baby numbs grow while I long for it to be me. I have wanted to get pregnant for over 2 years but have been waiting for the right time, finished college, got married, bought a house. 9 months ago hubby said let's go make a baby, and so it began everything was were it was supposed to and we decided it was the right time to start trying. so while you are posting how you only had to try for one month or you didn't think you had sex when you could get pregnant. then you post your positive pregnancy test and you are over the moon. remember there are women on this site who have been trying for months, and even years with no baby to show for it.