Has this happened to you?


My SO and I have been together for a year now and in that year a lot has happened! Some good, some he says is still good but I feel guilty like it's my fault. Now when we met he had three roommates he lived with and two of them were together. He knew one of them for 14 years and has been best friends the whole time. The other guy he knew for a few years same with the girl who was with his best friend. Now he no longer talks to any of them because they kept making up lies about me! And had started to be really mean to the both of us. I personally think it's cause my SO was kinda a pushover and would just go with the flow and basically just do what they all wanted when they wanted. After we got together I wouldn't let them push him around like that! That's is not how you treat someone who you say is your friend! Then they would continue to tell him what to do in HIS relationship when, one was cheating on his girlfriend any chance he could and the other hadn't had a girlfriend or even a second date in 3 years cause he's an asshole to EVERYONE! (He has little man syndrome) anyways so he moves out cause they keep making up lies to him to break us up and when that didn't work they actually tried making ups stuff about him to me! We now live together but it just seems like a lot have changed and he has lost some people who were ( at one point ) his closest friends, I feel like it's my fault but he says, no you just showed me who they really were and that he's actually thankful that I came in his life and showed him how unhappy he really was. But I still can't help but feel so guilty cause also he moved in with me and we live pretty far from his friends and nobody ever wants to do anything cause it's so far. It's kinda feels like everything is always against us. One of my friends told me once if it's meant to be or worth it, it's gonna be hard and at times seem like everything is trying to tell you this is bad but you just got to pray and push through. I do that but I still just feel like he got the shitty end of the deal losing some "friends" and moving to far to see the others. But don't want to move back to the city. He loves were we are now. And actually want to move even further from everyone and people in general to the mountains. So he seems like it don't bother him but I still just feel SO guilty for it.