sign language?

Aly β€’ πŸ’ž mama bear to πŸ’œOlivia 1/23/17 and πŸ’™ Charlie 8/21/18

do you sign with your babies? if so, are they picking up on any yet? and what signs do you do? I started signing around 3 months for Olivia. I know quite a few signs from working at a daycare (and we tried to expose our babies to a new sign every week) we started with milk and binky. Now we really focus on milk, eat, water, all done, cat and dog and duck (her favorite animals), mom and dad, blanket, bath, and "don't want" 😏 I stopped signing binky bc she can put it in by herself now. she started signing milk during her bottles around 6 months and I brushed it off as just playing wth her hand but she does it consistently now! I just wish she would do it before, to tell me that's what she wants! some other signs I do (but don't necessarily expect her to pick up on: change ( for diapers), wait, play, bird, tree, stars, moon and sun, fish, book, cold, more, sleep, and music. 😁