Am I asking too much?

My boyfriend isn't as sweet and nice as he used to be.

I feel like lately, if i'm not having sex with him or feeding HIS wants and Needs, i'm no good.

He's been back and forth lately with his "Dad" that he just met after 18 years of him not even knowing my boyfriend existed. We've been together for a year.

So when my boyfriend goes 5-6 hours away from me and stays for more than a day or two, I expect texts and replies to me more than every 2-3 hours. And a phone call before bed at night.

I don't feel like that's asking too much, considering he asks me to jump to the phone anytime he texts or calls me regardless of my situation.🤷🏻‍♀️

I also asked he be home for me while my mom was having her first surgery to get some cancer removed (Hopefully all of it at once.)

It's big for me because my mom and I are close, and I'm not exactly "allowed" to have friends, because my boyfriend expects me to devote all of my time to him. So I asked him to be home for 2 days, September 3rd (The night before) and September 4th (The day of.)

He then oroceeds to tell me that, he can "try," that he'll be with his dad (who lives in another state) and he isn't for sure if he can come home 2 days early for me.

My boyfriend is 18, im 17, and he doesnt drive. He doesnt have license or a car and depends on his mom and "dad" for transportation back and forth from his dad's house.

I don't feel like asking for a text every 45min-1 hr is too much. One text ever so often, just a quick simple text.

And as for being home, he'll be there for a week and a half minus two days if he comes home. That's plenty of time imo, and to do something so simple when he asks so much of me i feel like its fair.