Kristianna • Mommy to a baby boy & a baby girl. baby girl is due in september. #ShaylynnStrong👼🏼💕

So I'm either 7 or 5 dpo. One app says I ovulated on the 17th & one said the 19th lol. 7 days till my period... I've been having lower abdomen cramps, bloating, sharp headaches, SUPER TIRED, peeing A LOT ( except one day it was probably the Red Bull I drank lol ) but I've been peeing a lot after that. So HOPEFULLY this is it. My period is supposed to start the 31st. I NEVER get symptoms days before my period. Me & hubby are trying for baby #2 & I don't wanna wait forever to get pregnant since it took almost a year for us to conceive our son . Please pray & send LOTSSSSS of baby dust ❤️✨