Shamed for co-sleeping!

This has been bothering me for a long time and I really feel like venting. I totally understand why you're told not to co- sleep. Simply for the safety of the baby. But if I'm sleeping with my baby do I really need to be shamed by everybody by it? Every time my grandma gets a chance she shames me for it. My bad for slipping up and telling her right. Everytime I see her "are you still putting your baby in danger sleeping with her in bed?" Not only does she bring it up all day long but she brang it up TO MY BABYS DOCTOR. I'm very close to her, she raised me and is more like a mom and very involved in my baby's life. Then I had to hear all this stuff the doctor was saying that I've heard a million times. MY BABY WILL ONLY SLEEP WITH ME AND MY HUSBAND. And I'm not just saying that. The moment I put her in her bassinet she screams and screams. So I pick her up and lay her on me and she immediately falls asleep and I'll roll her beside me. If I try to put her back in there she screams and screams. I know most of you will say we're just spoiling her but I am NOT a cry it out mom. ( I have no problem with moms who are but I can't do it) The moment my baby cries I try my best to help her stop. Not only do I feel like she needs to sleep with me but I like sleeping with her. I mean she's my baby after all. She is over a month old and sleeps on the side of me and my husband every night, or on one of us. Neither of us are hard sleepers and we always wake up in the same position. I just have an instinct not to roll over when she's next to me. I used to be a crazy sleeper and now I stay still so nothing happens to her. I am a responsible mom. I love my child. I want to make her happy. Just because I choose to sleep with my child does not make me a bad mom. No matter what anybody says.