Preggos & loving my toddler more!?!

I have always adored my baby boy. He's 13 months old and perfect.

BUT since I got pregnant again (I'm five weeks along)- something weird has been happening.

I have only three symptoms.

1- Exhaustion (normal)

2. Food tastes stronger (normal)

3. .... I love my son more !!! (Wtf!!)

I don't mean like intellectually. Like all of a sudden I see that he's a great baby. No- it's not that. He's always been a great baby.

I mean I physically wanna love on him way more. The urge to grab him and squeeze him and kiss his little cheeks and just generally mess with him is noticeably more overwhelming now.

(A turn of events, I'm afraid, that he is not appreciating! Poor kiddo - he just wants to play and momma's being soooo annoying!)

I am kinda blown away by how much I want to eat him up. P

My question is - is this a common thing ???? I have never heard anyone talk about it.

Did this happen to you ???