I did something really bad yesterday

yesterday my husband got mad at me and turned off his phone. I was so furious that I decided to leave the house. when he got there he asked me where was I at and I told him I was at the hospital. I know I'm so wrong for that and I should have never done it. but I just wanted to see if he cared about his unborn child and he didn't. He doesn't care that I'm pregnant he doesn't care about me and it just hurts so bad that I'm bringing a baby into this world where his father doesn't give a crap about him. I'm so hurt because today he just kept fighting with me. I lost my baby a couple of months ago and he didn't even bother to be at the hospital. he instead stayed here drinking. What have I don't to deserve this. And I can't leave him I have no where to go, I'm not going to be stupid to leave and suffer worse in the streets.. I just wish his heart could turn soft and that he would care about us. I'm crying not because I'm sad but because I am so furious, I just can't do it anymore. Lord please help me please Edit: I've tried talking to him that's why he hung up and turned off his phone