I can't believe its my turn to tell my story! At 11pm, I started having contractions. they were so mild so I didn't think much of them. Buuuutttt they got a little more intense. Called the 24 hour nurse and she said to time them, and if they get closer then to head to L&D.; 2:30 comes around and we decided to head to the hospital. Worse case, they send us home. Welllll they didn't! I got to the hospital and I was 4cm dilated. Contractions got worse but tolerable. We get transferred into another room. And we're told we've gonna have this baby today. Awesome! I was 2 days shy of being 38 weeks. Few hours go by and I am in so much pain. I wanted a natural birth but I couldn't handle it. I was 7 cm dilated when I got the epidural. So as I'm having contractions, they're sticking this thing in my back. It wasn't bad honestly. And it felt so much better. I'm so glad I chose to get an epi because it made my life so much better.

So, they break my water and I start pushing at 10 cm. Doctor said I probably will need to get the forceps done(I dont know much about that procedure but I didn't want whatever it was). I started pushing again. Doctor didn't even have gloves on and OUT COMES THE BABY! He was halfway out and the doctor told me to wait so he could get gloves on. I was freaking out because I have a baby coming out of me and I'm told to not push.. I pushed, he came out and I was literally so in love the second I saw him. 1st degree tear but I didn't feel anything.

Im so in love with my LO. 6 lbs & 13 ounces.

Born at 9:30 am 💙💙💙