Should i send him this?


Okay so theres this guy i like. Im a junior and hes a senior currently. And last school year, we has a class together and we got closer. We've always been acquaintances but last year we got a lot closer the 2nd semester. I started having feelings for him late april and we even went to prom together. But it was more like i asked him to prom cause i was like "oh how about we go as a 3" (he already had a date but before i said that he said "oh, if you had let me known earlier, you couldve taken the place of ______" ) the girl dropped out a day or two later cause of $ so we went as a pair and we had a really great time. We didnt dance with everyone(we did a 2s slow dance cause the ed sheeran song was literally over when we went downstairs (prom was on a boat). But most of the night we cuddled in a one person couch and looked at memes on my phone. It was really nice. So yea. And as a school we went to six flags and me and 2 of his other friends were going on rides together. And on one of the rides we held hands for like 5 seconds(i was smiling like a cheeseball and i THINK i saw him show a smile or something i may be disillusioned) ANYWAYS, we had a great time and he won a game and gave me the prize (but idk if he did it out of pity cause i kept losing to him by a smidge idk) and he was leaving school early for a summer program. And on this last day we hung out after school just the two of us. I had stickers from a teacher and we were sticking it on each other. Lmao. Over the summer i emailed him (he doesnt have a phone) a couple of times but he was too busy to hang out which i understood. This year we dont have class together but when i see him we smile at each other and say hi. Im worried that he may just be really nice. But tomorrow loke around 10pm or 9 im gonna tell him i like him through email. Heres the pic:


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