18 Year Age Gap

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well. I am new to Glow and new to this group.

I'm a 31 year old woman who is currently dating a 49 year old man. He is the first older man in his 40s I've ever been with.

We have been dating for 3 weeks and I've gotten to known him. He's funny, active, smart, has a good head on his shoulders. Also, he has 2 kids (one in the teens and one in the 20s).

I've told my dad and 2 of my cousins about him. My dad was hesitant because of the age gap between my boyfriend and I, but he came around. My cousin's say that as long as he makes me happy, then that's all that matters.

In my past relationships (or shall I say relationshits), they have been rushed to the point where I always end up hurt, caught up in some drama or always see the guy who I thought I fell In love with hugging and kissing some other girl, but my current guy is so different.

He complements me all the time, always keeps it real (being upfront and honest), and always keep a smile upon my face. However, I have so much to learn about dating an older man.

As I mentioned, I've never dated a man in his 40s and the oldest I've dated in my life was 31 and I was 20 at the time.

Can anyone give me some advice about dating an older man who's 18 years older than me? All advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!