Valid reason for abortion (if you aren't pro-choice or abortion don't respond)

So I accepted the fact of having a second baby which wasn't going to be so bad if I had help.

Well I found out my boyfriend had been cheating and I can't even stomach to look at him it's over.

I'm 15 weeks, everyone knows I am pregnant, but I seriously want an abortion I don't want to do adoption because I don't believe I will go through with it.

I know this is a later term abortion so it's a controversial subject a response I got from many other people was "shouldn't of got pregnant if you didn't want a baby" or "why weren't you on birth control. (I am allergic to ever birth control on the market except the copper IUD) and I have a latex allergy and I was in a 4 year relationship and pull out had worked since the beginning (I know it's not 100% effective)

I just want to know should I really have to wreck my life and go through with this, and be shamed because of a mistake. I want to find love, I don't want to be stuck in a house looking at a constant reminder of someone who did awful things

I know if I had this baby I would not go through with adoption, and I would love it but still that's not the life I want to live.

I'm honestly just looking for advice, not rude comments on how I'm a piece of shit selfish whore

The clinic will do it up to 24 weeks