I almost kissed my best friend

So my best friend(he is 26) told me(20) he loves me. We use to hangout lk go to the movies & mall, eat fancy dinners, sleep overs and so much more. I mean he is lk an elder brother I never had. He is now single but I am in long distance relationship. So I went to his apartment for the weekend, we made dinner then decided to watch a movie. He asked me to cuddle him which I did. All of a sudden he tried to kiss me, I panic cuz I didn't know wat to do, so I pushed him and left to the bathroom. When he can into the bathroom he apologized that he didn't mean to do that. Then he gave me a kiss on my cheek and we hugged for 1 min then he put his hands on my butt and took it off quickly. The strange thing is that when he put his hand on my butt it turned me on and I can't stop thinking about it. Is it wrong for me to think that