College cliques

I'm starting my sophomore year in college this year. Last year I lived in the most social dorm on campus, and made a lot of good friends and a few very close friends on the floor I lived on. This year, I'm living with a close friend in a different dorm that everyone said is supposed to be pretty social. But I've been moved in for a few days now and everyone is keeping to themselves. And I think it's because everyone already has their own friend group, so no one wants to expand and socialize. And it's really bothering me because I feel like I don't have a super close friend group or clique. I have 3 really close friends I made last year, but we weren't like a group. Each of my close friends all kind of have their own little groups they hang out with (people from their sorority, club sport, etc.) I just feel crappy because it seems like everyone has this concrete group they belong to and I don't. I want a really close group of friends, but my close friends don't really ever want to hang out with each other. It's usually just me with one of them, not all of them. Is this normal? I feel like there's something wrong with me because I've never been a part of a "friend group".