20 Week Scan/Dr. Appt.


So last week I had my 20 week scan. I went in today to meet with my Dr to go over everything (appt was pre-scheduled before scan). She said everything was normal and the baby was measuring as he should. But she said she had to mention that there were 2 "soft markers" that she had to mention but were not concerning. I regretfully asked what the markers were for. She said one was related to Trisomy 18 and the other for something related to Downs. I was immediately sad and surprised as my previous genetic testing showed fantastic results of being very much in the clear from both. She said she had to mention it due to it "technically" not being a completely normal ultrasound but she sent to to specialists to have it checked for sure and they came back with nothing to worry about or even be concerned with.

I just don't know how to feel because my mind is going crazy. I need some advice.