I just have to. 😁

Ok, so I just had the best sex of my life! My husband and I only get to have sex about once a week between work, toddler, house cleaning and other things going on. Well, tonight I wore the dress he loves and he couldn't keep his hands off me πŸ™ˆ we were teasing each other with looks all through supper and movie night with our toddler. While I was putting our son to bed, my husband started sexy texting me and told me he had a surprise for me. Wellllll, what a surprise!! 😁 he went down on me and he hasn't done that since we started dating (please no bashing, it's a mutual understanding, he doesn't like it and I respect it which makes it even more special to me). Then we had crrrraaaaazzzyyy love making in our new knapper chair! Eeeeee 😁😁😁 sex has always been amazing with him but MY GOD.

Sorry, I just had to gloat a little. It's crazy how in love i am 😭❀️