Ladies I need some guidance

Samantha • I'm too young for all the stress life brings

So there's this guy , I met him when we were kids and we always stayed in touch about two years ago we got close even though he wasn't around me he was on house arrest in Boston and continued to get closer. When he finally came back home that's when things started to change. And with us it's always been we'll be good one minute then not talking for a while and then be good again but it's ALWAYS on his terms.

Anyway when he came back in January we were good I was seeing him, then he stopped talking to me and February again we were good and then one day we are on the phone and he calls me Sabrina. Sabrina is a girl he use to talk to. Anyway we stopped talking again. After march we were good until may I had caught him talking to other females and we got into a fight because one of these girls was Sabrina and he was like that that was his girl now.

So today in he writes me after us not talking and he was like that his misses me and wants me to come take care of him since he was in the hospital for a while mind you according to his Instagram he has another girlfriend. So we get to talking and he ask me if I slept with anybody else and I said yes and was so angry with me sounded genuinely hurt. But what was I supposed to do wait for him to be ready to speak to me again?

So now I'm just not sure what to do because I'm always going to love him but I do have feelings for somebody else and I don't want to keep repeating the same thing with this guy. I just need some advice