I'm torn :/

So I'm a pretty introverted person. Being around a lot of people really drains me and stresses me out.

I don't want people to come visit me at all after delivery because I'm a wimp and don't know what physical/mental state I'll be in after birth and also want time to bond with my newborn son and my husband in peace. My mom already was uncomfortable with my decision, but 😩

But I also don't want people bombarding us in our home when we get back because I know everyone's going to be wanting to hug and kiss the baby all at once and I'm worried about germs and people being sick since I'm due in early January. It's going to be too many people to deal with at once, even with my husband helping.

I obviously need to compromise somewhere to not come off as a frigid bitch to my family and friends.. but what can I do???