Inducing labor Methods

Here's a list.

-Sex. (Sperm helps soften cervix)

-Nipple stimulation.

-Orgasms (releases oxytocin).

-Bouncy ball, Bumpy car ride, Walking, & Going up & down stairs. All those physical things helps push baby's head down your cervix

-Primrose oil(softens the cervix) By mouth or insert inside of vaginally

-Raspberry leaf tea, doesn't induce but helps your cervix strengthen. Gets ready for labor

-Spicy food, it helps irritate your digestion system.

-Balsamic vinegar (eat it with salads) or (take shots) safer than caster oil.

-Cinna tea (do research on it before trying)

All these are ways of helping to induce labor. This is all my own research. Please be careful doing any of these things. Everyone's body is different, some of these things helped others and some didn't. Slowly work your way down the list.

Good luck.