Had my precious baby boy via c-section

Had my precious baby boy via c-section. What was supposed  to be an easy and quick procedure turned out to be a nightmare. Got to L&D 2 hrs before surgery to get prepped, lady came in to do the IV, got blood squirting everywhere, she missed it the first time and her wiggling the needle around hurt like a B.  Finally got into the OR, anesthesiologist puts in another IV, first one, wasn't good. Surgery went well, got to see my lil man. Got to our room, my nurse and the staff were amazing. 2nd shift came and that's when it things started to go bad. Hours later I asked for something for the pain, she comes back asking what would I like.  Now I'm thinking, how would I know, ur the nurse. She comes in tells me name of some medication and tells me it will help with the pain and itch, but it will make me drowsy. She injects med through IV and she leaves. All of a sudden I just started feeling hot all over, and out of nowhere the pain came and it was a 20. It felt like I was having the c-section, but without any anesthesia. I just wanted to die right then and there and I could've sworn I had blacked out for a moment. Thank goodness for my family they got the nurse back in, got another medication for the pain that helped. That is one pain that I do not want to ever go through again. A little before shift change she gave me another medicine for the pain and the whole thing started again, pain is at 10. New nurses came in and I finally broke down crying and asking for a different kind of pain med, because I was getting to a 10 by then. After the new meds things finally started going well, loved the new nurses who came in until we got discharged on the 3rd day.