Sad times

Hey y'all, so yesterday my bf and I broke up, he feel like he's not 100% right with God right now due to an addiction he's been suffering from for a long time (he's addicted to pornography) He didn't want to break up with me at all and I didn't either but due to this addiction, I am a temptation for him and he doesn't want those kind of thoughts in his head. We don't do anything sexual except makeout but it's the thought of being one bad mistake away from going further that's not pleasing to the lord. We don't want to be cut out of each other's lives and everything is gonna stay the same except for the gf/bf side. He is my best friend and me for him as well, I love him more than myself and it's the same for him to me and we're for each other for everything and I only want what's best for him. I honestly do feel like he's the one for me and if we are meant to be than we'll get back together when the time is right. This is just a time for him to heal and get rid of these thoughts so it won't progress and be problem when he's older and married. I'm not mad or angry, I understand and am by his side for every step of the way but it's still hard for me in a sense that I can't be there for him as a SO. That part of us is now taken away and it hurts so bad.. any suggestions on how I can deal with this easier??