Sad and scared about inducing


I'm a 38 years old with my first baby and he's a week late tomorrow. The doctor said it is safer to induce at 41 weeks rather than wait to 42 weeks. It's safer for the baby basically in labor and there's less chance of complications. I really thought I'd be able to labor at home and I'm really sad about this. They're going to start by giving me a pill that softens the cervix over 12 to 24 hour period to see if that helps. Otherwise I'll have to get on the Pitocin. I was hoping to deliver naturally with no pain medicine intervention. But I worry about Pitocin and his heart rate lowering and been in more pain. I just hope I'm making the right decision. I could have waited a couple more days with no more increased risk but the doctor said it's better to do it closer to 41 weeks. Have any of you delivered while being on Pitocin and didn't use any pain medication?