Does anyone else feel like this?

Gonna try to keep this short.

First this guy basically asked me out. I told him I liked someone else (which is true).

We still talk and r sorta friends I guess.

Every now and then he'll ask how it's going with the guy I like and asks about him , so I'm guessing that's a sign he likes me still?

(Please answer that btw lol)

I noticed he doesn't watch my snapchat story any more, I stopped making conversation w/ him but we still got streaks. So talking is at a minimal.

He used to have my keep his streaks for him when he went away the last two times, now hes having his other (guy) friend keep them so idk if I'm over thinking this.

So my whole point to this post is, now that he's showing less interest, I'm gaining interest?! Like I want him to like me but I don't want to necessarily date him. It's like a weird crush I got but idek how to explain it. It gives me major anxiety though. But to be clear, I'm very aware of things and I'm not a bitch so I'm not gonna lead him on or anything. That's why I stopped starting convos.

As for the guy I told him I liked, he's way out of my league and ik it's never gonna happen which sucks. Plus I've never really talked to the guy but damn is he hot.

Sooo please help and lmk if I'm not crazy and if it's happened to u/ someone u know Thanks :)