BF Paid All Of His Ex Bills... Did He Love Her More?


I'm dating this guy & were getting pretty serious we've been talking about marriage & kids & building a future together but I'm kinda confused about what he told me about his past. So my guy ex was supposed to be this extremely attractive woman who was a private dancer but now he refers to her as a hoe!!! He paid all of her bills took care of her child brought her expensive hair clothes shoes all around spoiled her like a queen. He claim they only had sex a couple times because he was too intimated by her so he couldn't get hard & she never tried to help he also didnt live with her & caught multiple guys coming out the house whenever he came over she was supposed to be a "trap queen". I'm a college student who stays with my sister & her kids & everyday I'm talked down on made fun of talked bad about because I dont have a job but soon enough I'll be making good money. My bf helps me he buys me food everyday get my hair done buys me clothes shoes whatever materialistic things i ask for but he won't help me get a place of my own. I'm so stressed with my living conditions & he knows this & he says once i get a job he will help me find a place & help pay for it but I feel it's unfair because he paid everything for his ex & she used & played him like a fool. I never cheated never deny him sex he's always welcome in my home. & no I don't want any hand outs i just feel like he loved her more than me because she looked better but he claim he never loved her only cared for her but he tell me everyday he loves me & want to marry me & have children & build a future. I just want to know if this sounds right to anyone because I'm thinking about leaving because I feel like second best & not to mention he was talking to her the whole year behind my back then left me around her bday but claims it was all just a misunderstanding. I'm so hurt so confused he just told me I was a grown ass woman I know what i got to do when I asked him about helping me he flipped out because i asked him to lend me money so i can start back selling drugs & he asked how much i needed but he told me he paid all of his ex bills so she wouldnt have to do that I'm just hurt but i love him he does the best he can for me but i just cant help but think he will always love her more even though he claim he found her diary saying she didnt find him attractive his dick aint no good she only wanted his money & she was having sex with lots of guys & not him & she left him for a guy with allot of money & moved away i feel like thats the only reason he is here with me today