What do y'all think

First I don't like people paying for me and I'm not trying to be cheap. My bf suggested that we go on a cruise after I graduate in December. I said yes we should here's the thing he works and has tons of money and goes I should be able to pay for my ticket by November. He then blantantly (sp) said I should just pay for my ticket. Now here's the thing I am a full time student and have practically no money saved (all spent on expenses for school my apartment and all). My parents have helped me a ton but I don't have extra money for a cruise. Now I told my friend this and she's like well he works shouldn't be pay and all. We have been dating for 4 years. He makes soo much money and he has so much time to plan in advance to save. He's kinda tight this month due to taking vacation time off. What do you all think? I'm not trying to use him but he works a job! If I have to pay it's really my parents and Ik that this isn't a necessity so can't justify asking them for $800-1300. Even if my bf offfered to pay the main part and I would still pay some. How do I handle this?