Disappearing Symptoms


Has anyone else experienced their symptoms disappearing?

I'm 11 + 5. For the first 8 weeks I had horrible nausea that was only made better by eating little and often. Then from 8 - 11 weeks even eating little and often didn't help, my boobs and nipples were SO sensitive, had a bad headache every other day and the bloat was REAL.

Then, basically overnight at 11 weeks everything stopped?! My stomach has completely deflated, nausea is gone, headaches aren't as bad and my boobs/nipples aren't tender any more at all.

I'm a naturally anxious person, and am terrified that at my first scan in one weeks time that they'll discover I imagined it all and there's nothing there or (as morbid as it sounds) that my baby stopped growing weeks ago.

I keep telling myself there's nothing I can do about it, but after a previous miscarriage in May, the nerves/stress/tears/sleepless nights are REAL!