7 weeks.

Starting to get all the symptoms I had with my first pregnancy at full blast now, plus some I didn't have before. Was praying my nausea wouldn't hit the level I was at with my first...but praying failed me.

In labor with my daughter, I was screaming "she's an only child, we're not having any more", well she's a year old now, and guess what we did it anyways. We got pregnant with number 2, it apparently didn't take very long to get over all the pain and suffering I went through being pregnant the first time. Those little toes and that cute smile convinced me to do this again.

Nausea is getting bad. Back pain is worse than ever carrying around my 24lb daughter. Cramping is terrible this time. Bloating, ugh, and gas pains galore. I had this nice little symptom before that caused my ligaments to fail me sometimes because they're getting ready for that baby to make headway, making me hyper extend my legs as I walk which is fun. Hyper sensitive to smells now, which is great changing a 1 year olds diaper every day. Superrrr itchy nipples, and painful breasts. I got that sweet spot where I just weaned my daughter, but now my milk isn't going to dry up because my body is getting ready for baby number 2. So engorgement is already an issue. Getting food cravings this time unlike last time, but also food aversions which doesn't allow me to eat what I crave. I'm always cold now, which is a new one. Peeing every 2 hours, is fun already.

My husband says I've only got these symptoms now because I'm aware of my pregnancy. It didn't take me until the beginning of my second trimester to find out I was pregnant with my first because of nausea, so I was already 10 weeks along before I got symptoms last time. I've been feeling them for a while now this time. I claim it's because it's my second child and my body is already in autopilot, she knows what to do now.

Just hoping all these symptoms fade soon, and it's easy sailing, but I'm only hopeful. Looking forward to meeting my new little one after all this again. I was stupid enough to put myself through it a second time, so it's obviously all worth it in the end.