How long was your 20 week scan??


Sorry it might be a little bit of a rant, but i am quite honestly feeling a little frustrsted.

I had my 20 week scan last Friday, appointment time 2pm, so i arrived 10 mins early thinking that I might have a wait. When i arrived there was no one else there at all, i was told to give them my book and sit in the waiting room. I was waiting around 2 mins, got called up for my scan, after scan i got my money taken, an awful looking scan picture shoved into my hands with a timestamp of 13:55 and told to go wait again for my book, got given my book and told to leave.

Everyone I speak to says thier scan took at least 15 mins. I also thought it was weird because it was so quick, quicker than my first scan. And my picture looks bad its black lines on it and looks like 2 hazey white blobs.

Its been grinding on me over the weekend, so today i plucked up the courage to call them and see if this was usual as what i heard people are in there a lot longer. I feel like i was fobbed off and jusy told repeatedly well baby was clearly in a good position and it was done, if the paper report says all if fine then its fine, in a tone of get the fuck over it.

I am a first time mum and i just feel there was a possibility that my scan was rushed and not done properly and something could of been missed. I also feel like my concerns were not dealt with and meaningless...

So how long was your scan, i just want to know if someone else had such a quick scan before, so that i am not alone and can feel more at ease and thay i wasnt neglected. Thanks in advance ladies xx