Amazing weekend


I asked my friends if I could come over, I am dating her brother whom I am not allowed to see. I had to ask if he was there they said he wasn't when I got there Isaiah (my boyfriend) was working outside in the garage. His dog was there but I still couldn't piece together that he was there and they didn't tell me the truth if he was there or not so sooner or letter he comes out. I jump on him give him a kiss and down we go to the couch. My two friends were there but it didn't stop him from reach down into my pants and throwing a blanket over us. And a second time when they were in the room so I was able to moan instead of trying to bite his arm or shit... Let's just say it was a great weekend for us. He was able to eat me out, too. 😂😊 I have to thank my friends though for letting me see him, after 2 months 😭