i tried talking, and it does not work!


I've been in my relationship for 4 almost 5 years.. I always thought and hoped he was "the one" I'm 23, we live together have for about 3 years, I live about 2 hours away from my family and friends who I barely talk to or hangout with anymore because my SO doesn't want me to, which is lonely but I do everything I do for him. I work hard at a full time job and come home and take care of everything for him. I NEVER ask him for anything or expect anything from him. but lately for about 6 months I can't shake the feeling of being unhappy. I love him and I'd love to keep the relationship alive but he doesn't act as if he cares I've told him numerous times I'm unhappy, and he does nothing other than say okay. he has friends stay at OUR house every weekend or he goes out and leaves me home alone, he never calls or text anymore, and when I decide I want to go out it's a huge argument and my friends are trouble ect. im tired of trying so hard to just smile, and fake everything is okay... what do I do to make him realize this is killing me? I can't do this anymore... I need him to show me more effort in this relationship,or just let me go.