have to brag on my son


My son is now almost ten. He's my oldest and I'm so blessed to be his mom. He came into the world one month after I turned 19, and changed my life. He was born at 36 weeks, 5lb9oz, and full of life. since then he's always been small, but extremely smart. He's never had to study, never had any trouble in school. this year we put our kids into private school, and we were w bit worried how it would go because the curriculum is alot more difficult than the public schools here. I'm so damned proud to say that my sweet son has straight a's and he just got onto the regional spelling bee team. He's such a great child, so special to me, and so dear to my heart. I am so proud to have raised such a wonderful boy. it makes me so happy to know that he's gonna be a husband and maybe a father one day. sometimes it feels I didn't do much right in my life, but when I look at him, I know I got something right. I love all 4 of my kids, but had to take a minute to brag on my beautiful son