this post is crazy. i hate my life.

the guy im talking to away at college hasn't texted me all day but was on snapchat. i feel so so shitty. i gave him my virginity. i feel like im never gonna be loved. im always the girl guy's meet before they meet their other half and i am so tired of it. nothing is wrong with me. im pretty, sweet, kind, caring, im not overly attached (or at least show him i am lmao) , i don't go crazy, i don't fucking get it. i have to have something missing cuz this keeps happening ): sorry this is gonna go 0 to 100 real fast, but i'm planning a rhinoplasty soon, getting bottom braces, i have work everyday, and my classes look absolutely terrifying for this semester and i just want to be loved and have someone to support me this is so ridiculous i feel like im not worthy or something. and don't say i'm fake for getting plastic surgery, i need it for medical reasons. but anyways i just want to find love. i've prayed so hard for so long it is just not fair. i am so stressed out and panicking. why cant this guy just text me so i can stop worrying about it. he called me yesterday saying he wants a serious relationship in the future when it comes close to christmas and i agreed. but like wtf now is he just ghosting me? i don't understand