Slow rising HCG, low progesterone, past miscarriages, but still going!


I could not find any posts on here about anyone that experienced such slow rising HCG and low progesterone and had a good outcome so I wanted to share my story in hopes that it could give someone hope in the future if they experience the same issues.

At 5w1d on a Monday I went to the ER for spotting. My HCG was only at 1300 and we could only see a gestational sac, but no baby.

That Thursday we went for a follow up ultrasound and saw a baby and a heartbeat!

I continued to bleed for 8 days until the following Monday the blood turned to bright red. I went to the ER again and learned my HCG had only gone up to 4900 in an entire week... did not seem promising, but we DID see baby measuring 6w5d with a HR of 139!

On wed I found out my Progesterone was only 6.8 and for 7 weeks pregnant, that is a TERRIBLE number. I thought for sure it was too late. My dr started me on progesterone pills and scheduled HCG check as well as an ultrasound the following week.

Thursday, my HCG had only gone up to 5300. That was 3 days after the ER ultrasound. They had barely risen.

Fast forward to today, I am 8 weeks and we had our ultrasound. Baby is measuring perfectly 8 weeks with a strong heart rate of 179!

There is hope for slow rising HCG and super low progesterone and starting supplements a bit late!