MIL in the delivery room?


I know how bad this sounds but please hear me out.

I don't want my MIL in the delivery room. I want my husband and my own mother - and that's it. This is my first child, and naturally I'm terrified to push a baby human out of me. It scares me to no end!! 😭😭 I want my husband for obvious reasons, and I want my mother because she and I are super close. Best friends for my whole life. She offers me a comfort and peace that my MIL in law doesn't offer me. I don't mind my mother being in the room while I'm screaming and pushing and making horrendous faces because she my mother for crying out loud!! My mother has seen me at my worst!! I can't imagine not having her there!

Well now my husband and his mother are upset with me because I don't want MIL in the room. She is not my biological mother. She does not need to see me in that condition. She doesn't need to be RIGHT THERE when the baby is born.

Is it horrible of me to ask her to stay out? She's making me feel horrible, but honest to God it has nothing to do with me not wanting her to see the baby. It has everything to do with my comfort and peace of mind. MIL and I have a good relationship, but we are not super close by any means. Why does she feel obligated to be in the room?

Am I missing something? Please don't be ugly, because I'm open to hear all sides. I'm not unwilling to change my mind if I'm blatantly wrong ... problem is I just don't see it that way.