Conceiving stories!

L•M•S • Married & Momma of 2.❤️☺️

So instead of birth stories, I want to hear stories about how people found out and so's reaction! I'll tell mine..

March 2017, I had my Mirania took out, cause me and my husband were ready to start trying. I instantly got my period. I went and got clear blue ovulation kit. I ovulated early April, and took a test around my period and it was negative. Then I got my period. So, I was hoping May would be my month cause I wanted a February baby.( i'm legit the only only February baby in my family including my husbands). So flash forward to may. I had 2 sticks left. I took one and it was low fertility. 2 days later I took one and it was peak! I was shocked! I texted hubs and said "tonight is the night, i'm ovulating" I started feeling strange a week or so after that. I was off, my legs would cramp up, I was so tired, and basically getting so dizzy at work. I told my husband I was going to start testing about 9-10dpo. So I went and got a first response. And it was negative, I kinda lost hope.. but I was like well, there's 2 in one box so I'll take another tomorrow. It was also, negative.. disappointed, but not convinced. So I sent my husband out one day. I said get a cheap test, and a box of 2, good tests.. he got a cheap dollar store test, and a box of clear blue !AND! A test that has a purple cap? Idr what it's called now.. the next day after I got home from work, he went back to the store, I was fixing to take a bath. And I thought to myself, i'm going to test with a clear blue, plus the little cheapie. (I had to pee in a cup any way for the cheapie) I decided might as well dip the clear blue. So I laid out my tests and peed in my cup and stood there, ready to faint cause I just still felt off.. I dropped the 3 drops on the cheapie, put a piece of toilet paper over the window, so I didn't get to focused on that one not to dip my clear blue. Then I dipped my clear blue and counted... longest 5-6 seconds ever. Then I laid them there undressed, and turned around ready to uncover the test windows... I uncovered the cheapie first... and there it was. A faint little line. I said holy shit. I uncovered the clear blue and there it was as well. A faint little line.. I texted my husband ( that didnt know I was going to test again) I said I have a surprise... he said I already know what it is, you're pregnant .. I was like 😑.... so much for a surprise. Lol. Since the lines were so faint, my husband wasn't convinced. (Go figure) so i tested every other day with my line tests and the line stayed. And then I bought a digital. And I took it at work. & there it said "pregnant". So I sent him a picture and he was instantly happy. He said have you figured up when you're due? I though well crap no.. so I did, I was blew away... February 1st 2018! I thought how lucky am I! Now today, i'm 18w 5d with my little princess... 💍🖤