family drama


so rewind about 8 years ago. my grandmother (moms mom) needed open heart surgery. so my mom scheduled it months out. it was scheduled for August of that year. my mom's oldest sister's 60th birthday week was "ruined" because her mom was getting her heart done. so she threw a fit. we also used to host thanksgiving but there were too many people so we decided to rent a house in west Virginia because my family goes each year in the fall anyway. my aunt (same lady) was not notified in time so she got pissed. so my mom rebooked the vacation for a place in our state that was only less than an hour from that aunt's house. she never came. now, she claimed she was holding a grudge against Mt mom for two decades and no one knows why. my gram (their mom) just passed away 6 months ago and it's become even worse with the estate settlement. my aunt has stolen things (we can't prove it) and torn the family even farther apart. it makes me so sick. my gram would be HORRIFIED. I just needed to vent. I'm very sad and I miss my gram. she was my best friend.