I just want my BFP

I'm praying that AF doesn't come. I'm 5 days away from my period on a 32 day long cycle... for the past few days ive been nauseas and dry heaving and my boobs are so sore... ive been getting cramping but it feels slightly different than period cramps but sometimes it feels like period cramps as well. Ive been getting aches in my lower back and hips too and had EWCM today when that isn't normal for me. Not to mention at my boyfriends sisters wedding on Friday I was tearing up at their first dance which was a salsa dance so not even romantic... had to try not to cry during their ceremony as well... I'm not close to them and didn't even cry at my own sisters wedding and she's like my best friend. All of this could be an indication of my period coming but also could be early pregnancy symptoms. I'm cramping now and just hope I don't wake up to an early period tomorrow.