Would you hire a babysitter?

Znb • Ttc after MMC in May.

Ok so I know that many people hire babysitters. The thing is I'm a ftm and my family has always been around me to take care of my baby when I or my husband are not around. Now I started my master's and moved to another state. So I'm a little worried about the idea. I can't put my baby in a daycare because 1-I only need someone to take care of him once a week and not worth the money. 2- All daycares are packed and next availability is next year. My concerns are if babysitters are licensed in case something happened I can track them in the system. Second can I put a live camera to check on my baby when I'm gone. Third and I may not be realistic about this one but I'm afraid about kidnapping. I watch a lot of crime documentaries and so many things like this happen. So I guess what what I'm asking would you feel sage leaving your baby with a babysitter and what are the things I can do to preventfrom something horrible from happening