Constant Fear of Miscarriage πŸ’”

Okay I know this is quite a touchy subject, so bare with me here, but I just can't help but to wonder if I'm the only one feeling this way... Do any other expecting mothers get really worried and feel at a complete loss for hope when they see all the miscarriage stories being posted not just on here but literally all over the internet & <a href="">pregnancy apps</a>? This is my first pregnancy, and I'm trying to be super excited and positive about it, but literally every time I make a post somebody (or multiple ladies) comments saying how they had a miscarriage and it literally brings me so far down and just makes me feel like the same thing is going to happen to me. I genuinely feel bad for every woman who has had to suffer through the pain of a miscarriage because I can't imagine how emotionally devastating that must be, and I mean no disrespect whatsoever to anybody who has had to endure the pain of a miscarriage, but I'm seriously just so caught up in all this negativity I've seen that I'm starting to think it's normal for almost every woman to have a miscarriage because that's all I ever see.

I rarely see any stories of women who haven't had miscarriages that have successful pregnancies and have everything go right, so I just feel doomed. Do good pregnancies exist? Are there any mom's out there who are young and haven't had to deal with a miscarriage? Does anybody feel the same way I do? If this wasn't something that was seriously effecting me I wouldn't be pouring my heart out on here like this, but I can't get away from this all consuming fear of losing the life growing in me and it makes me feel completely heartbroken.

This is supposed to be such a happy and exciting time but it's been the furthest thing from that, I never expected my first pregnancy feelings like this, I just have myself convinced I'm going to have a miscarriage when all I've ever wanted in life is to be a mom...πŸ˜” I'm really struggling with this so if anybody has any helpful feedback or advice I would really appreciate it