Finally Out!


I was with my now ex for 2 years! my last year with him he got very mentally abusive (called me every name in the book, told me to kill myself in front of his parents, and screamed "fu**ing fat b**ch" to me in front of his sister. plenty more but these are examples) But my final straw was when he physically hit me in the car. LADIES I WISH I LEFT SOONER! I felt so trapped in this relationship i felt i couldn't leave. (i lived there, was employed by his parents and his family all referred to me as his fiancé) im here to tell you as hard as it was YOU CAN GET OUT and it was the BEST choice i made for myself!

"You may not be able to control someones negative behavior, but you control how long you participate in it"

UPDATE: i did not expect this post to get so much love and support from all you ladies💕 Thank you all so much! My main intention for this post was to try and show other girls that even when you feel so stuck you can always push through! please ladies if any of you feel you're being abused or feel stuck in an unhappy relationship I would love to talk with you!!! Please don't hesitate to contact me!💕 YOU ARE NOT ALONE! YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL STRONG WOMEN! don't let Anyone tell you otherwise!

kik: laurend312