How to tell my boyfriend I'm Pregnant


I've been dating my coworker for about 3 months now and a month ago I started birth control (yaz-generic) anyways I'll skip the useless details... now Ive taken 4 pregnancy test(all positive) and yea now I don't know what to do. This is definitely not something that I planned or wanted(I don't believe in abortions)

He recently is divorced two kids already. I don't know how to to tell him. šŸ˜ž

I'm afraid for the worst. I feel as though he is either going to freak out and tell me to get an abortion or just leave me. Please give me advice

Update: thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

So I told him and it was basically and hour of yelling at me and saying how he DOES NOT WANT A KID WITH ME. Umm and I quote " this is the worse possible news ever... I rather have cancer than have this news"

and so then goes to ask me a scale of abortion to hell no(basically 1-10) the odds of me getting an abortion even though he doesn't believe in them but he really doesn't want a kid with me.

I personally could not live with myself if I had an abortion. I said no. I stated how he doesn't have to be in this situation and I'm not going to force him to....well then he says you can't raise a baby without the father...

Basically I'm having a baby by a psychopath and I am very scared

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