hCG slow increase


In July I experienced a chemical pregnancy after 3mo TTC. I've had one previously back in 2011 when my husband and I first started dating.

I was 2 weeks late so instead of wasting money I went ahead and made an appointment with my obgyn. Positive urine test and ultrasound showed sac but nothing visible in it. With how it was measuring and where I was at she stated that is a possibility. Needed to do hCG testing every 48hr to see if progressing. First get within range for sac that measured at 5w6d. After 48hr hCG check again there was no double. It increased slightly. From 4200(or 42000 I can't really remember the number she gave) to 4900(or 49000). She had me do another hCG test today and I go back in 48hr to see if increase or not. No ultrasound was done as she said with that little of an increase probably wouldn't see anything still. Anyone have similar experience? Feel I got my hopes up over the weekend and now it's going to be nothing. ☹️

I've been telling myself I'd believe it's real once I saw a heartbeat, but I just really want to see a heartbeat. This would have been a birthday gift from my husband as conception happened on my birthday.