Why haven't he text back?

The boy I was talking to texted me saying he miss me and want to see me in person to work things out after a week of us not talking cause he needed space and didn't want a relationship at the time, I told him I had something to do that day and asked about the next day and he say he will see but he didn't text me back since that day and I was kinda texting him dry in the messages because he was the one that hurt me and didn't want anything at the time, but I miss him so much and of course I'm gonna get back with him but why haven't he texted me since that day?? I didn't tell him I missed him cause I didnt want to show my weakness like I already have to him. Is he tryna act nonchalant because I was texting back dry? I see him on twitter and stuff and I'm wondering why haven't he texted me back. What should I do? Why haven't he? And will he??