Baby boyy💙💙


Baby Logan born 9.17.17 6 pounds 20 inches. We are so excited you are finally here! It went by so fast! Saturday night 930pm my water broke and went right to the hospital. Didn't feel contractions at the beginning.. my mom kept telling me "that was a good contraction I was like oh I just had one??" Finally by 3am I asked for an epidural. That's my new best friend. I felt nothing allll day. Dad, mom, adoptive parents, my godmother and out family friend sat in the room with me all day waiting. I was sick all day and throwing up. I would turn and look at everyone "I just threw up" they were like what? That was quiet! Anyways. Finally they gave me medicine to feel better so I could drink water and not get sick. Finally by 4 it was time for baby to come. 415-454. Baby arrives!!! I didn't even think it was possible. But the last push they told me to open my eyes and look!! Whoa wtf?!?! This huge baby human just came out of me ?!?! I didn't really feel anything so it was scary! I felt more after when they were working on me.

We are so happy he is here and a healthy baby!! He's the cutest baby I've ever seen. Mike and Melissa are so great at being parents and he is in good hands. I love them so much and so happy they are his parents.

People think adoption is a bad thing, but really it's not. I'm so happy with the choice we made for our baby. He will always be apart of our life. We can't wait to watch him grow up and for him to be able to have a better life then we would have been able to given him and had in my own life 💙💙 Logan me and daddy love you!!