Gave me an STD?!?!?


So this weekend OH and I take a mini sex-cation. Stayed at a hotel for 2 nights. The first night we go out, dinner dancing, unpack some toys...

I go take a bath relax a little, and use a bath bomb I have never tried before. It's cool as hell, turning the water pitch black. (Actual pic)

I drain, rinse off shower like normal, get out. We put on some music and then have sex.

Nothing special didn't use toys because we forgot lube. We fall asleep. At around 3 am I wake up. My vagina on fire.

I start freaking out made OH go get ice yelling, what did he do to me? He's half asleep and terrified.

I'm crying, he gets ice I yell thinking he's given me an STD (after how many years and one baby that'd be a problem). He swears he hasn't cheated I'm yelling.

He starts thinking of the last time he had hot sauce and if it could transfer through semen...

We rush to the ER because my vagina is puffing outwards and it normally doesn't.

We get there they run STD tests doc comes in and says

And if I have had anything new introduced to that area....

So I apologized to OH and he graciously accepted before realizing this meant our sex-cation was pretty done lol.

Long story short it turned from what did you do to.... what did I do...

And don't use lush bath bomb. They will turn your vagina into a angry flaming pit of death.