Kick counts...when to be concerned.

Emily • Married. 5 year old son. 2 year old daughter. Pregnant with our last.
I am 33 weeks along and have a very active baby girl. Today, it seems like she just hasn't moved much. Usually she is kicking the crap out of me alllll day and I don't really have to pay attention because she makes it known that she is there lol I've laid down two separate times with a glass of water and she will move a little, but then stops again. I know technically you're supposed to get 10 movements within an hour then call in...its been about 30 minutes and I haven't felt anything and that's been a pattern today when usually it is not. Should I go in? I hate being dramatic and going in for no reason but its just very unlike her to be so quiet. She's moving every once in awhile so its not like she's not moving at all. I'm going to call my doctor, just wondering if any other mommas would be concerned too.