Blocked duct

Leah • Sibling for Willow! Trying for baby two. 1 🌈 and remaining incredibly hopeful.

Hello ladies, I thought I would share my breastfeeding experience with you and hopefully help another mother out in the future.

My beautiful Willow is 3 weeks old and loves her boobie time. I have struggled with attachment, cracked and bleeding nipples and engorgement however we have preserved.

Yesterday, around midday I noticed no matter how long Willow fed from my right breast, it would not empty. It was terribly engorged and very sore. By 4pm my breast was rock hard and by 6pm I started to feel ill. Panic mode set in, I have mastitis.

Turns out, I had blocked ducts on the top of my right areola and I could feel 2 pea sized lumps. I tried having a hot shower, expressing, heat packs and cold packs, massaging and applying a lot of pressure to the area, getting on all 4's to feed/express but nothing worked. I fed bub on the breast for extended periods of time but it just would not clear. Normally you would position bubs chin in the direction of the blockage. I was not able to do this due to the blockage being at the top of the breast. I was emotional from the pain and frustration but more so that I was depriving my daughter of breastmilk. I was failing!

TMI COMING UP: hubby was researching (he was incredibly supportive) and read a blog by a breastfeeding mother who wrote about her experience with frequent blocked ducts and how her husband suck her nipple to remove it. It was now 11:30pm, I'm in pain, desperate and hubby was ready to offer assistance, so as a last resort we tried it.

It worked! And within minutes of putting Willow back on the breast, my milk had cleared. It was now midnight but I was ready to party.

Understandably, this is not for everyone. But if you start to feel blocked and find a lump near the blockage, please act fast.