I don’t know what to do

I was diagnosed with depression at 13, it was pretty serve. After receiving treatment in a mental hospital things gotta better. Not that the depression went away but I was able to cope with out medicine but things are changing my life at now 20 and I feel like I’m slipping back. My friends have all of the sudden disappeared, my husband tries to understand how that makes me feel but I don’t feel like he quite gets it. My husband has a deployment possibly coming up. We’re getting ready to move away from my family and my whole life to Georgia. And now I’m just starting to feel distant from my husband, I love him with all my heart and I’m not saying we’re perfect couple but who is? We argue some like anybody else but I’m not very good at expressing my feelings. I think I can tell it really bugs him. All the while trying for a baby is making me worry. I’m high school I had a miscarriage before I met my husband, I was devastated then but as I moved on I realized it was for the better, the person I was with was abusive and had wanted to have an abortion from the beginning. Now that my husband and I are trying it’s bringing this fear that what if I can’t conceive or have a healthy pregnancy. Because I’ve wanted a baby for a while and I now feel worried that I won’t be able to bless my husband with one.