I just want to have a baby so bad 😩

I am the most impatient person I know, and I just can't stand waiting anymore!

I had a miscarriage in June and it was the worst experience(had to take misoprostol), and since then I've distant myself away from all of our friends that are pregnant. I swear everyone is getting pregnant around me, and apparently none of them even tried for longer then 2 months, which brings my blood to boil. It took us a year to get pregnant.

I know that these feelings are not who I am normally, but it breaks my heart when I think that I could've had a baby in January, and that makes me so angry with the whole universe for taking that away from me.

We've been trying since, and it's just not working out.

I'm currently 4 DPO and I really really hope this is our month. I am trying to stay positive, but it's just so hard. 😩😩😩