Is this normal for a new dad? (27 weeks pregnant)


I feel like anymore we just argue... Like he has a short fuse with me and just like hates me. I feel an uncomfortable change between us.

His life went from being (honestly) a 21 yr old spoiled lazy mommas boy to having all these new responsibilities (which isn’t even that much)...

-make the bed & open the curtains, if you close them. He takes a 60 minute shower (I have 30 minutes to get up and ready at 6AM and 3 dogs to let out and put away with no help, and he doesn’t leave until 7)

-be home at night (I don’t feel safe being home alone and pregnant these days, I’ve tried I don’t sleep well and get tense and nauseous)

-take the trash down for pick up

-pay the grass cutting guys (because he broke the mower and is too lazy to fix it really, and he makes me call and schedule the cutting crew which I feel should be his job)

-get a job closer to home (the 2 hour commute isn’t working anymore for him or me because he blames me for it and says it’s a sacrifice he makes for me even though, I’ve tried helping him get a job closer and even made his resume keep in mind my commute is a little over an hour as well) he just got a job at the post office working Sundays (which pisses him off because now he misses football but soon he will hopefully get full time 25 mins down the road)

He thinks I’m controlling because I feel safer with him here at night, which keeps him from seeing his buddies. He said he wants to spend time with them while he can because once our baby comes he won’t be. I guess he feels like I don’t want him to have friends which is completely false, go hang out during the day just be home at night. He’s also financially stressed with his credit card debt (which hanging out with your friends only racks up your bill).

Anything I do to help benefit him or make his life easier he just complains about it. Or if he creates a problem for himself and I don’t have a easy fix for him he bitches about it and pretty much blames me for it. He told me a few days ago he doesn’t feel the same way about me (because I told him I was upset and uneasy that he wasn’t going to be home that night, which there ended up being a homeless person who almost walked into our house while I was in the yard) that he used to...we talked about it the other day and he said what he meant by that was he used to want to see me daily but now he doesn’t and he said he was angry and didn’t mean to say it; that he feels bad for being an asshole to me. Which just really hurt my feelings and can’t go away with a sorry.

I don’t know what to think, do, or say anymore. I don’t want it to end because I do love him and I want us to be a family but I don’t like feeling like this right now.